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Basic principles of our extinguishing system.
Our products.

Product Line - HIRO 30X/XXA, 30X/XXB

Construction accomplishment:
The system is produced as a trolley, mostly from stainless materials. Warranty time for the nozzle is 5 years, for the other components it is 1 year. Expected life time is 15 years. Built-in constructions are made according to the orders of customers. The system is built-in and it is located in the stainless steel construction with two winches for hoses, two nozzles (0,5 l/sec and 0,8 l/sec), with tanks for water with volume 200 l and with tanks for compressed air. If it is neccesary, it is possible to lenghten the hoses.

This product represents a built-in construction in the vehicle Mercedes SPRINTER, located in the pull up steel construction together with hydraulic aggregate.

Location of a hose reel, nozzle in details and tanks for water are in the background of the picture.

Built-in construction in the vehicle Mercedes type G.

Applied hose reel of stainless steel with distribution of water and air.

HIROMAX 30X/48M - built-in construction on the motorcycle BMW:

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  • Technical data:
  • Extinguishing liquid - water or water with non - aggressive detergent
  • Extinguishing liquid volume : 50 - 300 litres.(The numbers after the slash on the rating plate represent the extinguishing liquid volume )
  • Flow rate of extinguishing liquid:
    4 dcl (numbers after the slash on the rating plate)/ sec - 0.5" nozzle
    8 dcl (numbers after the slash on the rating plate)/ sec - 0.75" nozzle
    16 dcl (numbers after the slash on the rating plate)/ sec - 1.00" nozzle
  • Compressed air pressure - max 300 bar
  • Working pressure of the system - max 8 bar
  • Range of jet without the dispersion jet - up to 15-22 metres
  • Droplet size - cca 100 micron
  • Hose length - min 50m

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