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Basic principles of our extinguishing system.
Our products.

Product Line - NOZZLES

The product line - Nozzles represents an offer of seperate nozzles, which generat hydro aerosol on the base of system HIRO. Nozzles are offered to expand systems HIRO, or as spare parts or separate products.

Construction accomplishment:
Nozzles are made of aluminium alloy, brass, and stainless steel. The exterior surface is burnished or chemically processed.
The picture shows the nozzle with flow rate 0.8 l/sec:

Technical data:
Nozzles are produced with the following water consumption:
  • Nozzle with consuption 0.4 l/sec (24 l/min) - range of jet 15 m
  • Nozzle with consuption 0.8 l/sec (48 l/min) - range of jet 17 m
  • Nozzle with consuption 1.6 l/sec (96 l/min) - range of jet 25 m
  • Nozzle with consuption 2.0 l/sec (120 l/min) - range of jet 27 m
  • Water pressure: 0.8 MPa
  • Air pressure: 0.8 MPa

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