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Basic principles of our extinguishing system.
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System HIRO

  • Principle
  • Effectivness
  • Advantages
  • Demonstration of extinguishing:
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  • Basic principle of hydro-aerosol system HIRO:

    Hydro - aerosol extinguishing system HIRO represents a unique solution. It is suitable for extinguishing all range of fires and when demineralized water is used as the filling it can be used for extinguishing the fires caused by electric flow. It is specially suitable for extinguishing oil products, road tunnels, hotels and other closed areas in which people are present. Using special construction it is possible to extinguish gas fountains. The above mentioned system is multiply more effective than extinguishing with water flow and in many parametres it is simply incomparable with water extinguishing.

    High extinguishing efficiency emerges from the fact, that the water which is in the form of microdrops, is delivered by air, alternatively by other gas. In this way, the microdrops of water solution have enormous total surface. Their number in one litre reaches 1 billion at minimum. It enables water to evapourate immediately and to take away very quickly a large amount of heat from the space. Besides, water steam changes relative oxygen ratio in the atmosphere of the fire.

    Continual production of great amount of water aerosol is typical for the system HIRO. After adding suitable detergent, which can be biologically degraded, the water aerosol systems are available for extinguishing petrol, oil products and gas. Clean water was used in the demostration. Special advantage of the system HIRO is a big range of jet of aerosol.


    Extinguishing effect is achieved by:

    The water droplets are so small that they are pulled into the burning area by the turbulent air flow. Thus water aerosol "draws" itself into the focus of fire.
    With 15 litres of water we are able to extinguish a 15 m2 large pre-burnt furnished room, eventually a burning cabin of a car. Both the extinguishing flow softness and the high effectiveness predetermine the system to extinguish the fires in hospitals, museums, appartments and wherever classical continual flow of water may destroy the area.

    Advantages of HIRO System:

  • It can use most of the extinguishing media.
  • System is exceptionally effective and ecological when water media are used.
  • It has a low working pressure of water and air (8 bar) and thus there are no problems with media transport for a long distance.
  • Limited range of jet is more than 100 metres when 3" nozzle is used.
  • System is immediately usable.
  • System has extremely high reliability as the moving parts are not present and tens of parallely working nozzles are used.
  • Extinguishing flow is soft, gentle and environmentaly friendly. It does not spread burning liquid fuels into the surrounding space.
  • Into the extinguished space, the pressured air is simultaneously delivered with water. It has favourable effect for breathing the surrounding atmosphere. Unevaporated aerosol partly eliminates smut and gas.
  • As a modular system with the high extinguishing power it is suitable for the stationary extinguishing systems which are designed in accordance with customers and their requirements.
  • Working and investment costs are low.

    Demonstration of extinguishing:

    The pictures below show the demonstration of extinguishing with aerosol output 0,7 l water/sec. Bonfire with dimensions 90 x 90 cm, made of wood prism with dimensions 35 x 35 x 900 mm with pitch 150 mm, was extinguished. The time of burn-overring was 3 minutes with 6 litres of gasoline. In this case the range of jet of nozzle is 17 metres.

    beginning of extinguishing

    1 st. second

    4 th. second

    7 th. second

    12 th. second

    15 th.second

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