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Basic principles of our extinguishing system.
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Product Line - HIRO 50X/T

  • Typical symptoms
  • Principle of extinguishing
  • Technical data
  • Illustration of system in tunnel

  • Product line 50X/T represents stationary water aerosol systems, which are designed to extinguish road tunnels. It is a complex system of extinguishing with water aerosol. It is specially effective and ecologic. Extinguishing output on 10 metres of tunnel is 15 MW.

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  • Typical symptoms of fire in tunnel:

    1.The fire spreads enormously quickly
  • Released heat is reflected from the walls of the tunnel and it returns to the focus of fire. In this way the temperature is soared and the objects which, have not been in the focus of the fire, start burning
  • In the first minute since the rise of the fire, the temperature soars in the area of the focus of fire in such level, that all the ordinary materials which are in the vehicles reach the temperature of self-inflammation. In three minutes the temperature reaches 1300 degrees C. Radiation heat spreads with velocity of light. It means the radiation heat is stopped with the first barrier. After the barrier has deflagrated, the radiation wave gradually spreads further.
  • There is such enormous rise of temperature that the materials in fact explode. Such flame spreads with velocity of sound.

    2.The area is filled quickly with the products of burning
  • Visibility is decreased to zero, it is dark in the tunnel.
  • People completely lose their orientation. The smut and smoke are so thick that the burning objects cannot be seen for a longer distance than a few metres.
  • The speed of advance of non transparent smoke reaches the speed of a running man. In a moment people can lose their orientation and they cannot decide in which direction they should run.

    3.People panic
  • In the effort to save their property, but they are also curious, people lose the first seconds and instead of escaping from the area of the fire they stay there. After they have been reached by the infrared wave, it can be late.
  • As soon as there is a state of panic, people block each other.

  • Principle of extinguishing in the tunnel:

    1.Extinguishing must be efficient and harmless for people
  • Only water aerosol fulfils this condition.
  • After adding nontoxic and biologically degradable detergent e.g. shampoo, water aerosol efficiently extinguishes oil products as well.
  • Both the air from the surrounding atmosphere and the water microdrops are drawn into the focus of fire by the fire itself. That causes improvement of atmosphere breathing.

    2.Extinguishing intervention must be as rapid and vigorous as possible
  • After detection of dangerous temperature under the ceiling of a tunnel, traffic has to be stopped in 10 seconds. As soon as the vehicles come to standstill, the extinguishing has to start.
  • One automatic HIRO aerosol ejector can in a second jet 1-2 litres of water in the form of droplets with the dimension of 100 micon. We are able to take away the heat power which equals 2.4-5 MW.

    3.First intervention has to be automatic
  • With regard to the length of road tunnels, only automatic stationary system can ensure fulfilment of the rapid intervention condition.
  • Professionals should finish extinguishing. They should arrive to the fire focus as soon as possible. (Motorcycles are recommended) The fire would be finished with the manual ejector which is built in the form of hydrant, or in the form of trolley system (placed in the places for hydrants), eventually with a motorcycle with integrated HIRO system.

  • Technical data:
  • Extinguishing liquid - water with biologically degraded detergent
  • Required water consumption - min 50l/sec (8 bar)
  • Required air consumption - min 38l/sec (8 bar)
  • Recommended nozzles: 1 l/sec
  • 50m is a maximum length of tunnel, which can be protected with above mentioned consumption of water and air.
  • Droplet size - cca 100 micron

    Illustration of system in tunnel:


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